Posted by: Tiffany | May 7, 2013

Dragon Ball Z Kai

If you loved Dragon Ball Z then I don’t recommend it. While it does shorten the series considerably it also cuts out a lot of great scenes from the original series. It also changes some key things such as “special beam cannon” was given some Japanese word as well as “destructo disc” and “solar flare” as well and rather than “It’s over 9000!!!” it’s changed to “It’s over 8000.” It’s like they were just intentionally trolling the world.

What’s worse is that it’s supposed to be HD and yet it’s in fucking 4:3. I have a copy of DBZ in 16:9 – so what gives? Not only that but the animation quality isn’t consistent. It goes from animation similar to the original which is likely just touched up animation taken from the original, to some really crisp clear looking stuff, to some new stuff that’s just cheap and not even shaded just 1 tone colors with no shading, like what the fuck really? Something even more annoying is that apparently Goku has oil for blood. It’s black instead of red.

If you liked the manga, which I’ll mention that I’ve never read, then you may prefer Kai instead since from what I hear it cuts out the fillers (which is true) and that it’s much more true to the manga work. But as for fans of the original anime if you’re feeling nostalgic I’d say give this one a pass. Just dust off the original, it never gets old.

It’s true that there’s more action and less filler in Kai but everything is also much less epic than before. And well, Kai isn’t without its fillers. There’s entire episodes powering up or three or four entire episodes of Goku holding his hands up in the air. It may not be as much as before but it’s certainly still there. A lot of voice actor changes really took away from the characters in Kai as well (though to be fair Android 18 got my favorite voice actress so I was happy about that) and many which had much more screen time just became insignificant. Even Frieza who was an amazing cool badass originally just became some giant douchebag with the overall changes. Maybe that’s now the manga intended it, but that’s not the DBZ that I loved.

Here’s some examples of the poor inconsistent animation quality:
image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host


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