Posted by: Tiffany | December 11, 2012

X-Change, X-Change 2… and X-Change 3

Hmm… what can I say about these games? Well, I loved Ying-Yang X-Change Alternative, so I thought they would be good. But well, let’s just say that some major improvements had been made by the time they made that one. As for these three, well…

If you think you can play through either of the first two of these games: 1) Without being forcefully raped against your will multiple times, -or- 2) have a happy ending as a girl… then you will be very sorely disappointed.

In fact, any ending in the first game that isn’t the “True” Asuka ending is horrendous bad ends. As for the second, it’s not much better in terms of endings… The only endings with you staying as a girl are a result of you falling in love with your various rapists.

Taking the games by themselves, if we look at the 1st one, then you have to keep in mind that it is REALLY old. So old in fact that most things you would expect in a visual novel just simply are not there. There is no backlog, there are no options of any kind, there are no voices, you only controls are left mouse to proceed or right mouse to hide interface and no other keys one would expect to work (down arrow, space bar, etc) work. There were also a lot of bugs, lots of text cutting off where it shouldn’t, graphical glitches (screens clear in weird checkered patterns and many times some of the little boxes of the previous scene stayed until the next scene loaded, so you had to go through entire scenes with awkard glitches from the previous scene), and the music would stop at random for no apparent reason. There were also only about 10 save slots. Overall it was pretty disappointing, especially with the forced rape, and every single ending being terrible except the Asuka one. No matter what, it was like “So, I made my choice! Unfortunately, my friends and family have disowned me, terrible rumors have spread about me, and the general population of the world now hates me.”

As for the 2nd game, well… the engine overall is a pretty massive improvement. There’s a pretty amazing settings panel, and even a help menu, and all of the things you tend to expect with normal visual novels. Skipping, backlogs, mouse/arrow/space keys working for progressing, and so on. As for the game itself, while there are a lot more endings… unfortunately this game is also plagued by rape. No matter what you’re getting raped at least twice, at the very least, and possibly more. All of the endings where you stay a girl are a result of you falling in love with someone that had raped you, and none of them are “Best Endings”. There’s a lot more choices and content in this, but overall you don’t really HAVE a choice. Either turn back into a boy, or take a bad end.

Now as for the 3rd game in the series, while there have been some improvements such as being able to manually increase or decrease the volume for Voice and Background Music, as for which the previous games only had on/off switches for (though as a fair warning: it’s set full blast when the credits play, so if you have the sounds turned low and computer volume up then change your volume first or prepare to get blasted), the interface itself is clearly a step back from the second game. Though, it does retain most useful features you would want, albeit missing some neat functionality of the 2nd, and getting a ton of save slots available. The menu is just an unskinned windows window with unexciting checkboxes like you’d expect in a really old visual novel. And well, despite some improvements in the endings for this one… Unfortunately, this game has a very bad translation. Simple mistakes that even a 3rd grader wouldn’t make. Many times you just have to adlib, like it was just ran through a machine translation and has words that make no sense. And well, there is also another buggy client. This one though, likes to crash (5x in a single playthrough to give you an idea) and then won’t load saves in fullscreen (at first after a crash). That and well, they censored a lot of things in “Westernization” for it, removed several scenes and toned down stuff like blood and saliva. It goes without saying that some loli scenes were removed as well. There is actually an unofficial uncensor patch for it though, so that’s somewhat of a moot point. Moving on… The music sucks, the game is boring and plays like a hentai rather than something with a decent story. There are some decent endings, but I’ve really gotta say… all of the forced rape in this series, particular routes in this game specifically, really disgust me… and in a bad way. I don’t say something like that very often… It’s so great in fact that at one point it gives you a choice to kick a guy in the balls to get out of a rape scene, only to end up in an unavoidable rape scene when you get home. Yeah, you’re welcome. You didn’t want raped? Yeah, sorry. This one’s even worse. God, I hate this shit… The worst is this route with this cute innocent underclassman of yours where your sister and 2 guys forcefully rape her and make you watch and it just completely destroys her life… they take her virginity, cum right inside her, and everything… and the worst of all of it, is it breaks her so far that she ends up hating you, all guys, and becomes your sister’s sex slave. What the fuck… I mean, I’m playing through this game with my blood boiling wanting to kill these pricks. Really makes me miss scenes like Yume Miru Kusuri where you can actually choke a bitch to death, or at least until she pisses and defecates on herself. It’s too bad these things were designed as a rape hentai (with you or people you care about as the victims) series… they were ruined by it, big time. I would have loved some “strangle” “punch” “bite” “kick in nuts” “grab knife and kill” and so forth options with this crap… I would have killed the sister in cold blood.

Overall? This series receives a horrendous failing grade from me. Ying-Yang X-Change Alternative however, that one which is loosely in the series (it’s a different person, different school, completely unrelated but somewhat similar premise) is much much better. I wouldn’t really group that one with these 3 though. It’s too degrading…


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