Posted by: Tiffany | March 30, 2010

Taimanin Asagi

Alright… This one’s a hentai, about 98% sex. A good 90% of that is all close-ups. It’s only available censored. So, what you see for pretty much the whole show is a big fat not a fucking thing. Honestly, it might be better as a straight up porno type hentai with very little story and a fuckload of sex if there was an uncensored version available. But with the way it is currently, you aren’t going to be able to see fuck all.

Worse than that, the action you do see is mostly composed of strobing lights that make you want to fall out of your chair and go into a seizure along with a shaking screen with the strobing lights.

The actual non-sex story progression part of it, for some bizarre reason, was made blurry, unlike the sex parts. Although, it’s unclear why, seeing as to how the sex scenes look blurry as fuck anyways since the whole screen is covered by mosaic censoring.

Anyways, that’s all I can really say about this one. If you get down to the story, it’s about a demon killing ninja girl and her sister. After the lead female protagonist killed her arch enemy, they came back to life and no matter how many times she kills her, she keeps coming back to life because she made a deal with a big-fuckin’-deal demon, apparently.

The character design and costumes are pretty nice, and hell, the hentai itself would probably look pretty nice, were it not for them loving super close-ups oh so much, especially when they fucking know it’s going to be released censored. I mean, who does that? Grr.

I can’t really rate the hentai at this point. If it ever gets liscensed outside of Japan and uncensored, I’ll give it another look and put up another review. But as it is, I really can’t offer much of a review other than the way it’s presented as-is, is really bad.

Even the scenes that aren’t covered by a mosaic are so fucking blurry and move so fast and shaky that you can’t make out anything anyways. Okay, okay… I’ll give you guys a little treat:

Just add some screaming voices and “No! No! No!” and there you go. You didn’t miss a thing. Feel free to enlarge that, that’s 720p quality… Yeah, it’s that bad at 720p. That’s what the whole damn show looks like. You’d have better luck seeing something wondering around aimlessly after someone threw a vat of acid in your eyes.

I’ll even leave you with one more, in all its 720p glory:

I think that pretty much sums up the show. Super close-ups with the whole screen as a mosaic. That’s the show right there. Feel free to enlarge, that’s a real unaltered screencap, folks.



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