Posted by: Tiffany | March 30, 2010


Watch this, if only for the fact that Alucard is a total badass. Like seriously. You know how you always kinda want to see a non-whiny male lead that actually isn’t a wuss? Well, this is him. You know those super evil badass characters that you always love in animes, and pretty much anything else for that matter? Well, Alucard is pretty much one of those, except he’s playing for the good guys. He’s evil and sadistic as you’d expect from a baddie though, and it’s great.

Basically, this show is vampires and gun fights, and lots of it. The story pretty much revolves around Alucard, who is a really old very powerful vampire, and his new little pet who happens to be a pretty hot girl. As Alucard himself has enough badassedness for the whole damn show, it’s the girl that gets the wuss-role. But, it’s not as bad as most male lead wusses. It’s understandable, and she does change to kinda badass herself, even talking shit to enemies like you’d expect from the typical arrogant badass motherfucker.

Oh, right… The story itself… Basically, it’s about hunting vampires. Alucard was a very powerful vampire, and through some certain twist of events, came under the servitude of the Hellsing family. The Hellsing family is at the head of the Hellsing Organization, whose purpose is to hunt and eliminate vampires and other unholy creatures of darkness. It’s based in England.

That’s pretty much it. I mean, there’s not really much else to say. Badass leads, lots of vampires, lots of blood and gore, tons of gun fights and lots of other action.

It did seem really short to me though. But well, at 13 episodes, it is short. But, it’s worth the watch. If you have the time, definitely pick it up. The animation is good, and it has a great English dub. You’ll probably like it if you’re into this sort’ve thing.



  1. Have you checked out Hellsing Ultimate at all? I find it more enjoyable than Hellsing. Mind you I still love the crud out of Hellsing, first anime I purchased.

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