Posted by: Tiffany | March 30, 2010


This hentai was made by the creators of Bible Black, but it was probably the most stupid hentai I’ve ever seen. It just got more and more unrealistic as time went on. I could barely even bring myself to watching the last OVA. I put it off for nearly 2 weeks just because it was so bad.

Anyways, as the story goes… Basically some guy has some special dick and gets accepted into a private school which just happens to all be amazingly hot girls for the most part, and ran by the Mirimoto group which is some secret organization that pretty much controls the world by controlling all sorts of politicians and CEO’s with girls from the school that they train for sex. They have like hundreds of tanks, fighter jets, helicopters and shit. A whole private army, all underground under the school.

Oh and everyone wants to fuck the main character… and does for the most part. There’s a lot of rape of all sorts of everyone too. The main baddie looks like Rika Shiraki from Bible Black, but they’re really nothing alike. She’s a total whore of a cunt in this one, like, a real bitch.

I wouldn’t bother watching it. I mean, it’s really, really dumb. As far as straight up porno goes, I guess it was okay. But as for really having any sort of a story… not really.



  1. Although I concur that the story is dumb, I have to say that I really, *really* like the drawing style of this studio. I just cannot control myself; the colors are perfect, the animated women are just gorgeous (see cover).

    In many series, women look skinny and childish, of course, tending towards lolicon. However, in Discipline, just as in Bible Black, women have just the right proportions, amazing thighs, and great sexy outfits.

    Bible Black is too creepy for my taste, while Discipline is just right. Too bad they did not invest in a better story. It could have been a great light-hearted, funny story.

    If anything, I cannot forget one scene: OVA 5, the first 5 minutes. The main male and female characters finally get to sleep together. The boy has become “over-sensitive” so he has premature ejaculation 3 times. The girl is just disappointed. What a beautiful girl (blue-haired, see cover).

    Also, although I don’t normally like dance or J-pop music, I simply cannot forget the ending music from that same OVA 5. It’s very catchy.

    I don’t try to understand this, I just became forever in love with that OVA 5.

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