Posted by: Tiffany | March 30, 2010


Hideki! Okay okay… I can’t come out from watching this anime, without saying that just like Chi and cracking a big smile on my face. This is a great lovable anime series about personal computers that are alive and follow you around. They’re called Persocoms.

Basically, the story is about a poor country boy who moves to the city to enter a cram school after getting denied to the college he wanted to go to. He’s really good hearted, but after watching the series, it’s no wonder why he got rejected. Living on a farm all his life and just talking to the animals around there, he isn’t exactly the smartest guy alive. But, he is a good person. Well, he moves to this city to enter the cram school so he can go to college. When he gets to the city he’s shocked to find out people have Persocoms… living computers that follow them around just like people! He really wants one, but he’s completely broke. Well, it’s just his luck that he finds a persocom left in the garbage and takes it home. And that’s where it all starts…

Well, the persocom he got was a super cute girl, but it turns out she was left in the garbage for a reason! All she can say is “Chi!” when he turns her on, and he has to teach her everything. He makes lots of friends and they go through all sorts of silly things, and it’s a really cute and sweet story.

But really, nobody cares about the male character! The story’s really about Chi! If you watch it, you’ll absolutely love her. Love her!! She is so cute and amazing. God, there was this one point when he was trying to teach her his name and he pointed to himself and said “Hideki” because that’s his name, and so she points to him and says “Hideki!” and he’s all like “ohh, that’s right. That’s a good girl Chi!” and like pats her on the head and stuff. Then moments later you see her pointing to random things in the house… “Hideki!” … “Hideki!” … “Hideki!” omgiod… it’s hilarious. You really have to see it.

Anyways, it’s a really sweet story and you’ll love the end. It’s very heart warming and touching, and the series itself is funny as hell! Definitely give it a go, I loved this one. Watch it! That’s an order.


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