Posted by: Tiffany | March 22, 2010

Kisaku Spirit

This one was pretty short, just 3 episodes. It’s called an OVA, but the episodes were only 24 mins long each, so there wasn’t really a whole lot to it. It was a hentai.

Basically this really perverted sex fiend of a guy who raped all sorts of girls throughout his life died, and they’re all still afraid of him and looking over their shoulders. But, it turns out he’s floating around as a ghost and there’s a guy that looks just like him, except the guy is good natured. Eventually he figures out he can possess the guy, and then lots and lots of sex ensues. The evil guy goes right back to his perverted girl raping ways, tormenting their lives once again.

That’s basically the premise of the show.

It wasn’t really that great as far as a plot goes. There was a lot of sex and the sex was animated pretty well I guess, and there was even anal sex, and lots of it. But, the plot was a little confusing and seemed totally unbelievable. Probably not something I’d recommend, but go ahead and watch it if you want.


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