Posted by: Tiffany | March 21, 2010

Kannazuki no Miko

I wanted to stab the guy in the face. Multiple times. I kinda felt bummed at the ending too, even though it’s technically a happy ending, it felt like a sad/crappy ending. I dunno… *shrug*

It had yuri* and I liked how the characters looked, and I even liked the mechas, but somehow I managed to come out of this anime… angry? I guess that’s how I could describe it. I don’t know, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t like I really liked it either I guess. I did notice I was yelling “DIE DIE, GO AWAY. DIE, I HATE YOU!” at my monitor at a couple of points (ehm, a lot) while watching this though. Sooo, I’m not sure lol.

I guess I’d probably give the series like a 6/10 or so, just because I came out of it so utterly confused that I don’t know if I liked it or not.

*= Girl-on-girl romance. I love yuri.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\SPOILERS ALERT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
There are a massive amount of spoilers following this statement. To read them, highlight everything between the two SPOILERS ALERTS. You have been warned!

Alright so… For my full synopsis of the story, riddled with spoilers, highlight the text below:
These two girls are childhood friends, the world they’re in is basically this town and a some surrounding area protected by a magic bubble so that nothing can harm anything inside. They know they’re in this bubble. As the story goes, it had something to do with a sword god and some other evil god, and blah blah unimportant. Fun stuff.

Right so, as we go along it turns out that it’s not so unimportant. In fact, apparently the barrier breaks, and although there is (I guess?) nobody else on their world, the fun starts. While nobody from the outside comes in, a couple individuals in their town go, ehm… How should I say, evil? Yeah, evil. Well, as it turns out reincarnation is common in this town and the story about whenever ago, there were such and such amount of baddies that had the beliefs of the evil god. Well, whenever whatever happened… happened… The dark god woke up I suppose, then these baddies that weren’t particularly bad or anything, just normal people, started to become evil again. Oh and they were able to summon their mechas.

Yeah, mechas in this tiny little town. All hell broke loose as you can imagine. Well, this guy (who I’d love to just stab in the face with <insert any kind of knife/sharp thing/blunt object here>) has a total crush on the girl the evil bad guy in the huge mecha is attacking. Well, turns out he’s an Orochi too (that’s what these evil reincarnate guys are called). So, he pulls out his big mecha doo-hickey and fights him and swears to always protect the girl, even though he has to fight against the really huge instinct to kill her due to his evil incarnate doo-wa-diddy that he apparently has. And so he does, he wins and such. Wouldn’t be much of a story if he died already and the main character along with him, hmpf… So anyways, he wins. She lives. Ding.

Right so, moving on. Next up, while the girl in question(blonde girl) is passed out , we find out the other main character (blacked haired girl) loves her and passionately kisses her while she’s unconscious. She, of course, never finds out.

So then, blah blah, a bunch of stuff happens. Kinda unimportant, it’s mostly about the whole romance thing in this… Well, yeah. So anyways, it introduced the evil baddies some and whatnot, but whatever, onto the relationship…

The good-Orochi-thingy-guy (stab him in the face) decides to ask her out, and she accepts. She even goes to her best friend for advice! Oh and she’s living with her best friend (who is filthy rich and has a huge mansion and maids) because her dorm was destroyed by the big evil baddie mecha attack from earlier. Hmm… I feel like I’ve left something important out. Oh well.

So anyways, black hair girl is super upset but hides it perfectly and acts very supportive of her friend, but she starts shutting off more and more as time goes on and crying when she’s alone.

Hmm, yeah anyways, those two discover they’re the reincarnates of the good girls, these shrine-maiden-thingies and they have these weird solar/lunar glowy-tattoo-doo-hickeys. One’s solar, the other’s lunar. Blonde’s solar, black hair’s lunar. Anywho, they learn that it’s their job to summon the sword god thingy guy which was locked up and only they can unlock him with some bizarre shinto chant thing, and they have to wear these kimono looking shinto priestess outfits while they do it because it amplifies their priestess-thingy-powers. So they’re working on that and stuff… failing hard.

So anyways, blonde girl keeps dating the guy, black haired girl keeps getting worse and worse emotionally until she finally tells her friend. Then I don’t really remember what happened… Come to think of it, maybe she didn’t tell her… maybe she just came on really strong onto her, and kinda ended up raping her because she couldn’t stand it anymore. Weird.

And so, after that… Oh, before that… The good Orochi (hate him)-guy defeated a couple of the mecha guys, but they were still alive with their mechas for the most part. Except that first guy, he’s dead Jim. lol 🙂

Oh and after the “I love you” -> rapeeee scene, since blondie wasn’t all “Oh, I love you too! I was do stupid… rape me more” or anything, the black haired girl becomes a bad guy too.

Eh well, she just goes and kills all the other bad guys, then challenges her blonde friend that she loves to meet her somewhere or something. Then dickwad, er– I mean that one guy… wants to come with her. (gosh, can you tell I hate him?) I mean, okay… He’s really a good guy, but seeing how much it’s hurting the black haired girl though the entire series, you just really want him to go the fuck away and die in a small hole somewhere, after getting stabbed in the face.

Unfortunately that never happens.

But she does end up killing all the bad guys and becoming the only Orochi, and so she ends up absorbing all the other Orochi-thingy-guys’ mechas and her mecha becomes the evil god-thingy-guy, but at this point the blonde girl has raised the sword god guy, and fuckwad is in it and fights with the black haired girl, who has turned evil, but we still love. But, he doesn’t really fight her. The evil god-thingy-guy-mecha fights him by itself.

Instead, blonde girl gets pulled into some special little reality thing with just the black haired girl… She refuses to fight and asks why she’s doing this and she won’t fight her and she loves her too and she wants to be together with her and she should just stop and they can be together. But, the black haired girl keeps going on until something..something… Oh, I think she said something about destroying the world or something. And so, the blonde haired girl stabs her. Oh, I forgot to mention they were fighting with katanas… Yeah, so anyways she stabs her. Then she’s like “whyyy!!!” and so the black haired girl comes out and tells her it was just a clever ruse to make her kill her, even though she really does love her and wishes they could be together, but it was the only way. As it turns out, the black haired girl has regained her memory and so she shows the blonde haired girl this memory.

Turns out to end the god-war-thingy after the evil-Orochi-guy is defeated by the Sword-god-mecha-doo-hickey, they have to sacrifice one of the shrine maiden’s lives to re-seal him and the other guy, or maybe just him, whatever, I dunno, it’s bad. Anyways, so that’s why she wanted her to kill her, because she killed her in their past life and she didn’t want to ever do that again, so she thought it would be better to get her to hate her so she’d kill her instead.

But, it turns out the blonde girl really, really loves her, and won’t let her die. So, they decide to be together and go visit all sorts of places (but it’s just inside this illusion, even though it seems real), and they really love each other so much, and the blonde girl even tells her that she didn’t know why she cried when she kissed the guy the one time she did, but now she realizes it was because she really knew that she loved her and she couldn’t shake that feeling.

Anyways, the black haired girl dies and the blonde girl’s memory for some reason has to be purged of all traces of her and she’s even taken out of all of their pictures together. But before she died, she promised even though she may forget about her, she’ll never forget how she feels about her, no matter what. So, she never does. Her friends thinks it’s weird, but she won’t date anyone because she’s waiting for someone. That fuckwad guy even asks her out again (he didn’t remember anything about anything either, nobody did), and she turns him down (FUCK YEAH!) and tells him she’s waiting for someone and he should find someone that can really give her heart to him.

Then at the last second of the last episode, it’s yearsss later and she’s walking down the street when she sees a girl with the same little pink seashell necklace as her… She’d always said that one day she’d find the seashell that was the only one in the world that was the perfect match to hers, and that was how she thought about love too, somewhere there was someone that was that perfect match just for her. And well, when she saw that girl with that seashell neckless just like hers, a one of a kind, the perfect match… They both just stopped in the street and looked at each other, kinda like… “You’re the one I’ve been waiting for…” And so, that’s where it ends. It’s kind of assumed they finally can be together and live out the rest of their lives happily.

So, technically it’s a happy ending… but, I still teared up writing this. It’s really… sad. Why? Because after you see everything they had to go through, for her to just die when they finally realize their love for each other and then on top of all that, to lose all memory of it… it’s just heart tearing. Even if they did meet again, that blonde girl had to go probably 16+ years of her life all alone, waiting for her true love.

So, yeah… While the characters were super cute and I loved those two girls, the way the end was done, the fucked up almost-end before the actual end, somehow made me come out of it so fucking confused that I’m not sure if I actually liked the anime or not, but I definitely recall shouting obscenities at my screen just about every time that guy was with the girl, all fucking up their shiet.

So, since I’m so confused and not sure if I liked it or not, I can only really give it a 6/10. It’d be 5/10 or lower, but it gets a little more because I love the two leads and they’re adorable and it’s a yuri. ❤ girl on girl love.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\SPOILERS ALERT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


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