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Dragon Ball Z Kai

If you loved Dragon Ball Z then I don’t recommend it. While it does shorten the series considerably it also cuts out a lot of great scenes from the original series. It also changes some key things such as “special beam cannon” was given some Japanese word as well as “destructo disc” and “solar flare” as well and rather than “It’s over 9000!!!” it’s changed to “It’s over 8000.” It’s like they were just intentionally trolling the world.

What’s worse is that it’s supposed to be HD and yet it’s in fucking 4:3. I have a copy of DBZ in 16:9 – so what gives? Not only that but the animation quality isn’t consistent. It goes from animation similar to the original which is likely just touched up animation taken from the original, to some really crisp clear looking stuff, to some new stuff that’s just cheap and not even shaded just 1 tone colors with no shading, like what the fuck really? Something even more annoying is that apparently Goku has oil for blood. It’s black instead of red.

If you liked the manga, which I’ll mention that I’ve never read, then you may prefer Kai instead since from what I hear it cuts out the fillers (which is true) and that it’s much more true to the manga work. But as for fans of the original anime if you’re feeling nostalgic I’d say give this one a pass. Just dust off the original, it never gets old.

It’s true that there’s more action and less filler in Kai but everything is also much less epic than before. And well, Kai isn’t without its fillers. There’s entire episodes powering up or three or four entire episodes of Goku holding his hands up in the air. It may not be as much as before but it’s certainly still there. A lot of voice actor changes really took away from the characters in Kai as well (though to be fair Android 18 got my favorite voice actress so I was happy about that) and many which had much more screen time just became insignificant. Even Frieza who was an amazing cool badass originally just became some giant douchebag with the overall changes. Maybe that’s now the manga intended it, but that’s not the DBZ that I loved.

Here’s some examples of the poor inconsistent animation quality:
image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host image host

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X-Change, X-Change 2… and X-Change 3

Hmm… what can I say about these games? Well, I loved Ying-Yang X-Change Alternative, so I thought they would be good. But well, let’s just say that some major improvements had been made by the time they made that one. As for these three, well…

If you think you can play through either of the first two of these games: 1) Without being forcefully raped against your will multiple times, -or- 2) have a happy ending as a girl… then you will be very sorely disappointed.

In fact, any ending in the first game that isn’t the “True” Asuka ending is horrendous bad ends. As for the second, it’s not much better in terms of endings… The only endings with you staying as a girl are a result of you falling in love with your various rapists.

Taking the games by themselves, if we look at the 1st one, then you have to keep in mind that it is REALLY old. So old in fact that most things you would expect in a visual novel just simply are not there. There is no backlog, there are no options of any kind, there are no voices, you only controls are left mouse to proceed or right mouse to hide interface and no other keys one would expect to work (down arrow, space bar, etc) work. There were also a lot of bugs, lots of text cutting off where it shouldn’t, graphical glitches (screens clear in weird checkered patterns and many times some of the little boxes of the previous scene stayed until the next scene loaded, so you had to go through entire scenes with awkard glitches from the previous scene), and the music would stop at random for no apparent reason. There were also only about 10 save slots. Overall it was pretty disappointing, especially with the forced rape, and every single ending being terrible except the Asuka one. No matter what, it was like “So, I made my choice! Unfortunately, my friends and family have disowned me, terrible rumors have spread about me, and the general population of the world now hates me.”

As for the 2nd game, well… the engine overall is a pretty massive improvement. There’s a pretty amazing settings panel, and even a help menu, and all of the things you tend to expect with normal visual novels. Skipping, backlogs, mouse/arrow/space keys working for progressing, and so on. As for the game itself, while there are a lot more endings… unfortunately this game is also plagued by rape. No matter what you’re getting raped at least twice, at the very least, and possibly more. All of the endings where you stay a girl are a result of you falling in love with someone that had raped you, and none of them are “Best Endings”. There’s a lot more choices and content in this, but overall you don’t really HAVE a choice. Either turn back into a boy, or take a bad end.

Now as for the 3rd game in the series, while there have been some improvements such as being able to manually increase or decrease the volume for Voice and Background Music, as for which the previous games only had on/off switches for (though as a fair warning: it’s set full blast when the credits play, so if you have the sounds turned low and computer volume up then change your volume first or prepare to get blasted), the interface itself is clearly a step back from the second game. Though, it does retain most useful features you would want, albeit missing some neat functionality of the 2nd, and getting a ton of save slots available. The menu is just an unskinned windows window with unexciting checkboxes like you’d expect in a really old visual novel. And well, despite some improvements in the endings for this one… Unfortunately, this game has a very bad translation. Simple mistakes that even a 3rd grader wouldn’t make. Many times you just have to adlib, like it was just ran through a machine translation and has words that make no sense. And well, there is also another buggy client. This one though, likes to crash (5x in a single playthrough to give you an idea) and then won’t load saves in fullscreen (at first after a crash). That and well, they censored a lot of things in “Westernization” for it, removed several scenes and toned down stuff like blood and saliva. It goes without saying that some loli scenes were removed as well. There is actually an unofficial uncensor patch for it though, so that’s somewhat of a moot point. Moving on… The music sucks, the game is boring and plays like a hentai rather than something with a decent story. There are some decent endings, but I’ve really gotta say… all of the forced rape in this series, particular routes in this game specifically, really disgust me… and in a bad way. I don’t say something like that very often… It’s so great in fact that at one point it gives you a choice to kick a guy in the balls to get out of a rape scene, only to end up in an unavoidable rape scene when you get home. Yeah, you’re welcome. You didn’t want raped? Yeah, sorry. This one’s even worse. God, I hate this shit… The worst is this route with this cute innocent underclassman of yours where your sister and 2 guys forcefully rape her and make you watch and it just completely destroys her life… they take her virginity, cum right inside her, and everything… and the worst of all of it, is it breaks her so far that she ends up hating you, all guys, and becomes your sister’s sex slave. What the fuck… I mean, I’m playing through this game with my blood boiling wanting to kill these pricks. Really makes me miss scenes like Yume Miru Kusuri where you can actually choke a bitch to death, or at least until she pisses and defecates on herself. It’s too bad these things were designed as a rape hentai (with you or people you care about as the victims) series… they were ruined by it, big time. I would have loved some “strangle” “punch” “bite” “kick in nuts” “grab knife and kill” and so forth options with this crap… I would have killed the sister in cold blood.

Overall? This series receives a horrendous failing grade from me. Ying-Yang X-Change Alternative however, that one which is loosely in the series (it’s a different person, different school, completely unrelated but somewhat similar premise) is much much better. I wouldn’t really group that one with these 3 though. It’s too degrading…

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Incest, Yuri, Yaoi, Schoolgirl, etc. bans

Man, seriously… Fuck this Ishihara bastard.

I won’t say anything else, but I’m upset.

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Arika Yumemiya has traveled far in search of her goal: the prestigious Gualderobe Academy. This is the school where young girls are trained to become Otomes, protectors of royal leaders throughout the lands. Here, Arika makes plenty of friends, but some enemies know something about her past that she does not. Nevertheless, her spirit and determination will keep pushing her forward. — Adapted from its predecessor, Mai-HiME, this series is not a direct sequel, but an alternate universe setting featuring some of the Mai-HiME cast (though with different personalities).


Watching this anime should be preceded by Mai-HiME so you’ll get some of the references and connections to the previous, though that’s just my personal taste and it’s by all means a very standalone series on in its own right and doesn’t require the first whatsoever. I just think it’d be good to have that base. There ends up being a fair amount of little fan service jokes that you’d only ‘get’ if you saw the first, though they’ll still be funny if you haven’t seen Mai-HiME.

The first thing I really have to say, is that this is just a great anime. I watched it start to finish without stopping, just like its predecessor. It’s so rare to find animes that keep me enthralled for an entire series, and at 26 episodes, that’s quite a feat. So few animes do that these days. Both of these series though, masterful pieces of art, I tell you. So amazing…

The first thing you have to know going into this anime is that it is not a direct sequel to Mai-HiME. It’s staged in a seemingly alternate universe in a vastly different time and setting, though some elements are the same. Mai-Otome features most of the previous cast, though many with names changed, some with personalities changed, and overall very different roles for some of them, and there’s quite a few new appearances too. Of note, the main character. You will definitely notice that the new main character is definitely no Mai Tokiha. She’s more akin to Mikoto, though not as cat-like, and a fair bit more intelligent and girly.

Like I said though, this is very much a standalone anime, though there is deep connections that will make things make much more sense to you later on. You see, it’s not really an alternate universe, time and reality, but instead it’s like this: They are on a different planet far in the future after the events of the first series, and the main characters really aren’t who they were in the first. They’re, you might say, reincarnations of the original cast. There are a few characters that still exist from the original, and they play a recurring role. They are very much from the original, though there are only, I’d say, 2 of them.

Going into this, you have to keep that in mind. Because if you’re expecting it to be just like the previous series then you’re going to be confused as hell. The main character is Arika Yumemiya, not Mai Tokiha, and you’re going to have to get used to that. Though she’s silly at times, she’ll rub off on you and dig her own little hole in your heart very quickly, so don’t worry. Yes, she does look very different from Mai, and you may be like the Major, and end up calling her Antsy yourself, due to her hair. But overall, she’s a very deep and lovable character. If you give her a chance, I think you’ll love her too.

Now, once you get into it… You’ll see the world is very different. It is a different world, after all. The settings is that of a post apocalyptic future where they’re reclaiming old technologies from Earth, back from the time when the people of Earth came to this planet and before The War (always one of those, right?) that made them lose much of their technological knowledge and made much of the world not quite as beautiful as it once was, you might say. Indeed, it was a very destructive war.

Now that you know that, next thing is that the “HiME” in this series are called “Otome” and they’re very different. Instead of fighting with “Children” they instead fight with… “robes” – and as you may guess from the name, they’re suits of armor. That is, they actually fight themselves rather than using pets, monsters or whatever you want to call them. That, is the major difference. The story, too, is very different. Very different goals in this series than the last. But, I’ll leave that for you to discover.

As for the art and character design, just as the previous series, this one too has amazing and beautiful work put into it. Every character is amazing and lovable. The same voice actors did the voices in this one as well (including the English dub), so if you enjoyed the previous in that respect, then you’ll enjoy this one too. Many characters have the same art, so you’ll enjoy that, and all of the new characters are beautiful and interesting. Some are very unique. It really is a series on its own.

You’ll have to give it a chance and finish the first episode, and after that, I think you’ll fall in love and won’t be able to put this one down.

Now, at least, I think we’d better go into the genres of this one (though a bit later than I did in my Mai-HiME review): Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic – there are considerably fewer than the original. Odd. There should actually be monsters, armor, the same “mecha” tag (as some characters have a similar power in summoning monsters to fight for them), oh and more super saiyans and definitely deserves a shoujo-ai or yuri tag.

One of my favorite things I saw in this series was our favorite yuri couple from the original Mai-HiME has been upgraded to a full on couple, though it’s just assumed (very strongly – there’s little to no question of it) and is never directly stated, right from the very first episode. That made me a happy camper.

And well, as the Otome lose their power if they get a Y chromosome (e.g. have sex with a man), due to the nature of the nanites that control their power being destroyed by this chromosome (which means Otome may only be girls, girls that have never been with a man), you can expect quite a few more girls with yuri tendancies, though girl on girl love isn’t the main focal of this series by a long shot. It’s still there though, albeit mostly with overtones and indirectly, but it’s there, I think. I count at least 3 yuri couples… possibly a few more. Though, don’t go in expecting a yuri romance, because you’ll be disappointed. In fact, don’t go in expecting any romance at all, as you’ll be fairly disappointed. Go in for the amazing story and great action and funny occurrences and all the other greatness this series has to offer.

And now, without further ado…

Bandwidth Attack, go! Pics (gallery this time, too lazy)

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The Fuuka Academy is a unified school (having students from primary school and high school). In the Fuuka Academy, a rumor that a mysterious monster appeared has spread, and that the only match for the monsters were girls called “HiME.” They have the abilities of HiME (Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment).

Tokiha Mai and her sickly younger brother, Takumi, have received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Fuuka Academy. On the way, the ferry they are travelling on becomes the site of a destructive battle between two girls wielding apparently supernatural powers. This is only the beginning of their troubles, as Mai learns that she herself possesses these powers – the powers of a HiME.

iep6ABoE9.jpgWell, I really loved this series. I watch so many, but this was one of the few that I could watch start to finish without stopping. I genuinely watched 12 episodes the first day then the other 14 the next day. I couldn’t stop. So many animes are disappointing in that they’re not so enthralling as this, and few other animes, have been for me.

To be honest, I tried starting this series a good 3 times but never wholeheartedly until a few days ago. I only would start it up and watch the first 5 minutes or so then just close it, not interested. But once I finally gave it a chance and really allowed myself to get into the first episode, I completely fell in love with the series before it was over. It was really that good.

Now, in making a review for this, I think we should look at the tags for this anime, so you know what to suspect: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Mecha, Romance, School, & Shoujo Ai. It has all of these things. Though to be honest, the “mecha” thing is more like “pet monster” or “monsters,” if you ask me.

There’s these big enemies in the series that are monsters, called “Orphans,” and the girls they have these big monsters they control as well and they’re called “Children.” But these things are very much alive and have minds of their own. It’s not like the typical Gundam Wing/Code Geass type of Mecha, so don’t go into it expecting that. It’s nothing like that at all, not even close.

That’s not really the main part of their power though. They all also have unique weapons and powers associated with each of the girls. For example, one may have a shield and able to control fire, and another may be able to make spider webs or another may have guns. Each of their powers are pretty unique to the girls and tend to fit their own personalities.

Overall, I can’t get too much further into the plot than the synopsis above or it’ll start to reveal too much and really ruin some of the series for you, so I’m going to leave the plot for you at that.

There were hilarious parts, serious parts, sad parts, some mild ecchi ocassionally, a great plot, an amazing story, plot twists, blushing clergy, magic, intelligence, cute lolis, super saiyans, romantic parts, yandere parts and even yuri (full on yuri). It has just about everything you’d want in an anime. Hell, it even has a great ending.

The art was great, as was the character design. The main character isn’t annoying or wussy, or mentally deficient. Mai is a great charismatic and intelligent main character who is also outgoing and funny. She’s really amazing and lovable – sexy too. All of the characters are very lovable, and the series even has a great dub. For instance, Shizuru who in the Japanese version has a distinct Kyoto accent was given a distinct Southern accent. I think it fit her very well, everything was really well done over all. Not just with the dub, but the entire anime.

If you watch this anime, you won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t. After watching it, I even went onto watch the sequel (which is actually not a direct sequel, but a different story in an almost entirely different universe, using nearly all of the same characters, though some names, roles and personalities were switched around and there’s a new main character instead. That too though, is a great series and I’d recommend watching it after this one. I should really write a review for that one too…

Now, excuse me while I rape your eyes… show you many wonderful pictures!










(see above picture’s scene here)








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Komatsu Nana moves to Tokyo, following after her boyfriend Shouji to gain a life she has always dreamed of. On a train bound for Tokyo, she meets Osaki Nana, the vocalist for the punk rock band “Blast”, also moving to Tokyo to achieve her dreams of becoming a professional. Sharing the same name, the two of them perhaps through a twist of fate, ended up becoming flat mates in Tokyo, where together they support each other through each of their love lives and careers.


After watching this anime, it’s truly one of the few animes that you will never forget. Every episodes starts with “Hey, Nana…” then asks a question or makes a statement, like a heartfelt remembrance made years later of times past, and then it takes you right into the story and hooks you every time.

The characters are extremely realistic. There are no tsunders, yaneres, school presidents, or any of the other typical garbage you’d find in anime. This is a classic, a real anime. They’re incredibly interesting wonderful characters, and they live in a real world. That, is a fact that you will eventually learn through the telling of the story. Because in the real world, not everything just magically happens how you wanted it. That’s just not how things really work…

The characters come off as so real, and it’s so easy to get attached to them. Both main characters are named Nana (coincidentally), and they first find themselves sitting next to one another on a train headed for Tokyo. What happens next is, you’re drawn into the crazy adventure with ups and downs, fun and sadness, wonderful and terrible, that is their life.

It’s such a great anime, I’ll never forget it. I can never think of bands the same ever again. Every episode is soooo good. You’ll just get hooked and won’t be able to stop!

One thing I will say though, is that at first the short haired Nana’s voice annoyed me like a raspy chain smoker in the English dub, but this was only at first. She wasn’t given the typical super hyper super cute kind of voice most girls get, I think it’s more realistic this way and honestly it really fits her. And the more I watched, it wasn’t nearly as raspy or chain smoker-ish as I had originally thought. Overall I liked the English dub. I just had to get used to her voice at first, but once I did it was great. Their songs are in English too, so it might even be better to watch in English since it seems to match her singing voice really well. She actually sounds a lot like Revy from Black Lagoon, and her personality fits perfectly just the same.

Overall though, it was honestly one of the best animes I’ve ever watched, and every single one of you needs to watch it right now!

\\\ I had to edit the original below because they had spoilers out the wazoo \\

Extended Review

“Licorice (edited)” wrote:

“Say, Nana… Do you remember the first time we met?

These words are the introduction of the beautiful world of “Nana”. Ai Yazawa is probably the most convincing shoujo manga writer ever. With colourful, realistic characters, breathtaking events and just a pinch of music she creates a world in witch every girl can forget about reality and fall into the embrace of romantic fantasies.

One of the best things about “Nana” are the characters – we can actually see the reflection of ourselves in some of them and believe, that someone like that can really exist. This is proof that you can make a good anime without the conventional tsundere, moe or annoying childhood friend.

The story is also one of Nana’s strong points. Ai Yazawa worked really hard on it, and did her best to create a realistic world so that the reader can almost become part of it and experience it emotionaly.

Even though the plot is a typical shoujo tearjerker (with a bit of music) it has that magical something that makes you cheer unconsciously for some characters and experience emotionally some events almost as strongly as the characters themselves. Yazawa-sensei gives her characters a big imagination (especially Hachi). But the world they live in is just like ours.

Nana has one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard. The openings and endings were songs by the 2 fictional bands in the show, witch was a brilliant idea imo. Olivia Lufkin and Anna Tsuchiya fit the characters perfectly. Nothing much to add here: the music in Nana is brilliant. Period.

Overall, Nana is a must-see position for shoujo-fans. It tells us a lot about life, it’s hardships and also teaches us an important lesson about the mistakes, that we shouldn’t make.





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Taimanin Asagi

Alright… This one’s a hentai, about 98% sex. A good 90% of that is all close-ups. It’s only available censored. So, what you see for pretty much the whole show is a big fat not a fucking thing. Honestly, it might be better as a straight up porno type hentai with very little story and a fuckload of sex if there was an uncensored version available. But with the way it is currently, you aren’t going to be able to see fuck all.

Worse than that, the action you do see is mostly composed of strobing lights that make you want to fall out of your chair and go into a seizure along with a shaking screen with the strobing lights.

The actual non-sex story progression part of it, for some bizarre reason, was made blurry, unlike the sex parts. Although, it’s unclear why, seeing as to how the sex scenes look blurry as fuck anyways since the whole screen is covered by mosaic censoring.

Anyways, that’s all I can really say about this one. If you get down to the story, it’s about a demon killing ninja girl and her sister. After the lead female protagonist killed her arch enemy, they came back to life and no matter how many times she kills her, she keeps coming back to life because she made a deal with a big-fuckin’-deal demon, apparently.

The character design and costumes are pretty nice, and hell, the hentai itself would probably look pretty nice, were it not for them loving super close-ups oh so much, especially when they fucking know it’s going to be released censored. I mean, who does that? Grr.

I can’t really rate the hentai at this point. If it ever gets liscensed outside of Japan and uncensored, I’ll give it another look and put up another review. But as it is, I really can’t offer much of a review other than the way it’s presented as-is, is really bad.

Even the scenes that aren’t covered by a mosaic are so fucking blurry and move so fast and shaky that you can’t make out anything anyways. Okay, okay… I’ll give you guys a little treat:

Just add some screaming voices and “No! No! No!” and there you go. You didn’t miss a thing. Feel free to enlarge that, that’s 720p quality… Yeah, it’s that bad at 720p. That’s what the whole damn show looks like. You’d have better luck seeing something wondering around aimlessly after someone threw a vat of acid in your eyes.

I’ll even leave you with one more, in all its 720p glory:

I think that pretty much sums up the show. Super close-ups with the whole screen as a mosaic. That’s the show right there. Feel free to enlarge, that’s a real unaltered screencap, folks.

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This hentai was made by the creators of Bible Black, but it was probably the most stupid hentai I’ve ever seen. It just got more and more unrealistic as time went on. I could barely even bring myself to watching the last OVA. I put it off for nearly 2 weeks just because it was so bad.

Anyways, as the story goes… Basically some guy has some special dick and gets accepted into a private school which just happens to all be amazingly hot girls for the most part, and ran by the Mirimoto group which is some secret organization that pretty much controls the world by controlling all sorts of politicians and CEO’s with girls from the school that they train for sex. They have like hundreds of tanks, fighter jets, helicopters and shit. A whole private army, all underground under the school.

Oh and everyone wants to fuck the main character… and does for the most part. There’s a lot of rape of all sorts of everyone too. The main baddie looks like Rika Shiraki from Bible Black, but they’re really nothing alike. She’s a total whore of a cunt in this one, like, a real bitch.

I wouldn’t bother watching it. I mean, it’s really, really dumb. As far as straight up porno goes, I guess it was okay. But as for really having any sort of a story… not really.

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Hideki! Okay okay… I can’t come out from watching this anime, without saying that just like Chi and cracking a big smile on my face. This is a great lovable anime series about personal computers that are alive and follow you around. They’re called Persocoms.

Basically, the story is about a poor country boy who moves to the city to enter a cram school after getting denied to the college he wanted to go to. He’s really good hearted, but after watching the series, it’s no wonder why he got rejected. Living on a farm all his life and just talking to the animals around there, he isn’t exactly the smartest guy alive. But, he is a good person. Well, he moves to this city to enter the cram school so he can go to college. When he gets to the city he’s shocked to find out people have Persocoms… living computers that follow them around just like people! He really wants one, but he’s completely broke. Well, it’s just his luck that he finds a persocom left in the garbage and takes it home. And that’s where it all starts…

Well, the persocom he got was a super cute girl, but it turns out she was left in the garbage for a reason! All she can say is “Chi!” when he turns her on, and he has to teach her everything. He makes lots of friends and they go through all sorts of silly things, and it’s a really cute and sweet story.

But really, nobody cares about the male character! The story’s really about Chi! If you watch it, you’ll absolutely love her. Love her!! She is so cute and amazing. God, there was this one point when he was trying to teach her his name and he pointed to himself and said “Hideki” because that’s his name, and so she points to him and says “Hideki!” and he’s all like “ohh, that’s right. That’s a good girl Chi!” and like pats her on the head and stuff. Then moments later you see her pointing to random things in the house… “Hideki!” … “Hideki!” … “Hideki!” omgiod… it’s hilarious. You really have to see it.

Anyways, it’s a really sweet story and you’ll love the end. It’s very heart warming and touching, and the series itself is funny as hell! Definitely give it a go, I loved this one. Watch it! That’s an order.

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Watch this, if only for the fact that Alucard is a total badass. Like seriously. You know how you always kinda want to see a non-whiny male lead that actually isn’t a wuss? Well, this is him. You know those super evil badass characters that you always love in animes, and pretty much anything else for that matter? Well, Alucard is pretty much one of those, except he’s playing for the good guys. He’s evil and sadistic as you’d expect from a baddie though, and it’s great.

Basically, this show is vampires and gun fights, and lots of it. The story pretty much revolves around Alucard, who is a really old very powerful vampire, and his new little pet who happens to be a pretty hot girl. As Alucard himself has enough badassedness for the whole damn show, it’s the girl that gets the wuss-role. But, it’s not as bad as most male lead wusses. It’s understandable, and she does change to kinda badass herself, even talking shit to enemies like you’d expect from the typical arrogant badass motherfucker.

Oh, right… The story itself… Basically, it’s about hunting vampires. Alucard was a very powerful vampire, and through some certain twist of events, came under the servitude of the Hellsing family. The Hellsing family is at the head of the Hellsing Organization, whose purpose is to hunt and eliminate vampires and other unholy creatures of darkness. It’s based in England.

That’s pretty much it. I mean, there’s not really much else to say. Badass leads, lots of vampires, lots of blood and gore, tons of gun fights and lots of other action.

It did seem really short to me though. But well, at 13 episodes, it is short. But, it’s worth the watch. If you have the time, definitely pick it up. The animation is good, and it has a great English dub. You’ll probably like it if you’re into this sort’ve thing.

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